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Falcons training camp is three days away. Here's three reasons to attend

Just one week left until training camp, not that we're counting.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Falcons' training camp is a week away, and if you can't get excited for that after the last two months of football purgatory, I don't know what to tell you. See a licensed football doctor, please.

Here are three good reasons to make it to training camp, assuming you are able to do so.

  1. It's a chance to see the players up close. Unless you're lucky, wealthy, or both, you don't get up next to players all that often. Here, you have relatively easy access to autographs, you'll get to notice things that you'd only hear about secondhand, and you can shout encouraging things at your favorite players and/or coaches.
  2. You'll get your first real glimpse at how new players are assimilating to the team. I vividly remember seeing Devonta Freeman as a rookie and being impressed by his vision and quick cuts on the practice field, something that eventually translated into real production during the regular season. This is a great chance to learn something about Keanu Neal, Mohamed Sanu, Alex Mack, and every other rookie and free agent, and see their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. You'll be ahead of everyone else when it comes to noting how training camp battles are going and where certain players are lining up, assuming you're not so far from the action that you can't determine any of that, and that's an excellent opportunity to brag to your friends and family. Assuming they haven't abandoned you for being a Falcons fan already.