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CBS: Mohamed Sanu Sr. is the most overrated Falcons player

Things in the dead part of the offseason don't even have to make sense.

Look at those overrated gloves.
Look at those overrated gloves.
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

When the Atlanta Falcons signed Mohamed Sanu Sr. earlier this offseason, the move was almost universally panned. The move was, at best, risky. His time in Cincinnati had been very inconsistent, but the Falcons made him the highest paid free agent wide receiver. The five year, $32.5 million deal looks to be a sizable overpayment considering Sanu was never able to solidify the spot across from A.J. Green.

Again, this deal is frequently included in the worst deals of the offseason.

Enter: Pete Prisco.

Prisco came up with a list of the most overrated player on each team, and somehow ended up picking Sanu.

The Falcons paid him a lot of money, but is he really anything more than a reliable second receiver? He has 152 catches in four seasons and just 11 touchdown catches. He's getting a lot of money for a guy who is just OK.

I can't make any sense out of this. I guess overrated and overpaid are the same? The expectations are so low for Sanu, we literally cover whenever someone says he could be good. Which isn't very often. I don't want to say Sanu won't be good or great in Atlanta, but he needs to take a huge leap to live up to his contract.

However, this leads us to the problem with the Falcons: we don't get enough respect for any player to get overrated. I can't say there is anyone that stands out, or any player that isn't as good as their popular perception. Our players get so little praise that our most overrated player is someone who has never been on the team.