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Falcons training camp battles: Who will win the fourth receiver job?

We break down (and predict) some of the most intriguing Falcons

Aldrick Robinson Falcons Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Falcons kick off training camp this coming week, and we’re running down some of the most interesting camp battles and predicting the outcomes.

Caleb Rutherford

WR4: Nick Williams

I like Nick Williams here over Devin Hester in part because Hester’s getting old, and I don’t recall him being used as a WR in our offense at all last year. Nick Williams wasn’t targeted much, but when he was, he often made clutch first down catches. He’s only 25 and brings something to the table that the other three WRs don’t: high levels of route-running agility. He’ll never be in the limelight on this team, but he’s not only valuable to our offense, he’s a pretty good player, too.


WR4: Aldrick Robinson

Honestly, this is a toss-up between Robinson and Nick Williams, but Robinson offers slightly better downfield ability, which could make him an intriguing option at WR4. There’s an outside shot that Devin Hester stays on the roster and takes this position, but I think he’ll be a cap casualty once he’s fully healthy. Devin Fuller looks to be more of a returner initially, while David Glidden needs to compete just to make the roster, much less be the fourth WR.

Dave Choate

WR4: Aldrick Robinson

Call it a wild guess. Robinson is quick, has that familiar Kyle Shanahan connection, and showed at least some promise as a deep threat in Washington. That should be enough to get him #4 duties ahead of the likes of an injured Devin Hester, rookie Devin Fuller, and Nick Williams, who had modest success in that role a year ago.

Kendall Jackson

WR4: Aldrick Robinson

Robinson’s speed gives him a slight edge here. He may be good for the occasional deep shot, too. Devin Hester’s struggling with staying healthy and Devin Fuller, the Falcons’ seventh-rounder, will likely be used exclusively in the return game.

Allen Strk

WR4: Aldrick Robinson

After impressing in OTA’s and playing under Kyle Shanahan in Washington, Robinson will earn the fourth wide receiver spot. The competition isn’t great, so this doesn’t indicate Robinson’s overall ability. He is known for primarily being a deep threat with blistering speed. With Devin Fuller recovering from a hamstring injury and Nick Williams limited as a possession receiver, this should be Robinson’s job to lose.

William McFadden

WR4: Aldrick Robinson

When evaluating the position group as a whole, I think Aldrick Robinson makes the most sense as the Falcons’ fourth receiver. As a player who is more than capable of stretching a defense vertically, Robinson has the speed to make him the best candidate in this role. I’m a big fan of what Nick Williams was able to do last season, but I believe Atlanta would like to see Justin Hardy operate in a similar fashion with greater success. Because Mohamed Sanu is more of a big body than a downfield threat, this leads me to believe bringing a player like Robinson onto the field would help keep defenses honest and off of Julio Jones. This isn’t the most important camp battle, but it should be a fun one to watch.