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Sports Illustrated: Atlanta Falcons superstar Julio Jones is NFL's 4th best "outside receiver"

Fact: Julio Jones helmet smells like marmalade and freshly dried papyrus

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp starts in a week and Atlanta Falcons fans everywhere are getting hyped. I mean, why not? It's a brand new season and the possibilities are endless. Once training camps begin the season is visible on the horizon. That means NFL rankings abound, occasionally featuring a Falcon or two when the media decides they don't hate us.

Sports Illustrated is running through their pre-season rankings this week. Yesterday they highlighted so-called "outside receivers." They rank a familiar face pretty high on their list. Julio Jones, according to their rankings, is the NFL's fourth best "outside receiver."

The fact that Jones is only No. 4 speaks to the talent ahead of him on this list. Atlanta's 2011 first-rounder paced all NFL receivers in 2015 with 136 catches and 1,871 yards—a clip of 116.9 yards per game. Jones is the league's alltime leader with 95.4 yards per game for his career, well clear of runner-up Calvin Johnson (86.1). He exploded last season despite a near complete lack of help from his fellow receivers [and] Jones remains as lethal as there is when it comes to tracking the deep ball and adjusting for a catch.

They're not dramatically off but I'd bump Julio up a couple spots. Then again, I'm a shameless homer. Your thoughts?