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Falcons Players Who Hold League Wide Records

I'll go ahead and spare you the wall of Brett Favre records.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The offseason is slow and painful, so we might as well take a look at some All-Time NFL Records to hold us over until August, yeah? To make it a little easier, I only covered the more broad records, and also players who had a significant presence with the team. So, let's get to it.

Morten Andersen, Kicker

Andersen, remembered forever by Falcons fans for his overtime field goal to send the franchise to its first Super Bowl, is arguably the most prosperous placekicker in NFL history and has a strong presence in the record books. The Dane sits atop the totem pole in Most Career Games Played (382), Most Career Points (2,544), Most Consecutive Games Scoring (360), Most Career Field Goals Attempted (709), Most Career Field Goals (565), Most Field Goals 50 Yards or More Yards In One Game (3), and Most Game-Winning Field Goals (103). If we were to cover the other obscure records plus the one's he placed top three in, we'd be here a little while. Bottom line, Morten is a Falcon great and deserves his bust in Canton.

Jessie Tuggle, Linebacker

Speaking of players who belong in Canton, Jessie "The Hammer" Tuggle carries with him the record for Most Career Tackles (1,640). Tuggle remains in the conversation for greatest Falcon of all-time and still looks as if he could come out and start on the team right now. The man played 13 years at one of the sport's most violent positions, making this record one not easily taken.

Michael Vick, Quarterback

While Vick wasn't the most effective passer, he was a threat like no other with his legs. Despite the league featuring more and more "running" quarterbacks in today's game, Vick still holds the record for the Highest Career Average Gain(7.02 yards), Highest Season Average Gain/ (8.45 yards), and Highest Average Gain in a Game (17.30 yards/min 10 attempts), Highest Season Rushing Yards for Quarterback (1,039), and Career Rushing Yards for Quarterback (6,109). Vick says he's got another season left in him, and could add to his total rushing yards record. Honestly, I'd be surprised if he saw the field, though.

Tony Gonzalez, Tight End

Like Andersen, Tony was an offseason addition. Though, that didn't stop Gonzalez from having a profound impact on the team. Records like Most Career Receiving Yards for a Tight End (15,127), Most Career Receptions for a Tight End (1,325), Most Career TD Receptions for a Tight End (111), Most Seasons with 1,000 Yards for a Tight End (4), Most Pro Bowl Selections (14), and the second most receptions by any player make Gonzalez the easy pick for greatest tight end of all time. The man helped evolve the nature of the position, and also paved the way for guys like Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham.

Devin Hester, Kick Returner

Hester has spent little time on the field as a Falcon, but his mark on the game should be mentioned, nonetheless. With Most Combined Special Teams Return Touchdowns (20), Most Returned Touchdowns in a Season (6), and Combined Touchdown Returns in a Game (2, twice), Devin takes the crown for "most dangerous return man" in league history. The former bear gave us a solid year in 2014, but has been plagued with injuries since. Here's to hoping he can return to form this season.

Tommy Nobis, Linebacker

Mr. Falcon was a staple for the franchise in its formative years and was just as impressive as any other linebacker of the time. Nobis holds the "unofficial" record for Most Combined Tackles in a Season (294), but we all know deep down that there's simply nothing more official than that.

1977 Atlanta Falcons Defense

No, it's not a player, but the record of Fewest Points Allowed in a 14-Game Season (129) has never gotten the recognition it deserves. The "Grits Blitz" is the greatest single season defense of all time; allowing a mere 9.2 points per game, and I don't want to hear it Bears fans. Unfortunately for that side of the ball, the team as a whole wasn't quite as effective and allowed the success of the defense to go largely unnoticed.

Are there any other players on the current roster who you believe could make it to this list?