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Who are the three best tight ends in Falcons history?

There are only three tight ends who qualify for this list, so it’s just a matter of how you want to rank them.

Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

After riling up pretty much everyone with articles about the top three Falcons running backs and wide receivers, we move on to tight end. This should be much less controversial.

Basically, there are three distinctly above average tight ends in the entire history of the franchise, and you just have to decide how you want to arrange those three players. It’s an interesting mix, with two players all of us have seen and one who most of us probably haven’t.

Here’s my top three:

  1. Tony Gonzalez
  2. Alge Crumpler
  3. Jim Mitchell

Gonzalez basically had the same production as Crumpler in 22 less games, and even if he was a less competent blocker, he was a legitimately stellar receiving option for these Falcons. Crumpler was, for long stretches, the only receiver Michael Vick gave a damn about, and he was an extremely good player for Atlanta during most of his tenure. Mitchell played in a very different era for tight ends and put up impressive numbers while doing so, and you could make a strong case for him at #2. In the end, I think Crumpler was a little more valuable.

How about you?