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Falcons QB Matt Ryan is #8 on PFFs list of best QB situations

Despite a sub-par 2015, the Falcons are still in good position with their QB.

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New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The QB position tends to elicit very strong feelings from fans, and the Falcons are no different. Matt Ryan is often seen as a “great” QB by some, while others would gladly relegate him to the trash heap. According to Pro Football Focus though, the Falcons are in pretty good position with Ryan.

It’s no secret that PFF has often graded Ryan higher than what fans perceive him to be. He’s consistently been a top-10 QB in their grading, so having Ryan ranked at #8 on their list of best QB situations isn’t a big surprise - 2015 season not withstanding.

In fact, the article sums up the polarizing opinions on Matt pretty well:

He is neither an All-Pro, nor is he garbage, but rather lives in the shades of gray in between. Ryan is a good quarterback that makes some bad mistakes, and has cost his team in some crucial situations. On the flip side, he has also dug them out of a hole at times...

Another interesting tidbit was this fact:

Key stat: Ryan’s receivers recorded 37 dropped passes in 2015, more than all but three QBs.

What are your thoughts on this ranking for Matt Ryan and the Falcons?