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What are the three best plays in Falcons history?

They’re the ones you would expect.

Morten Andersen #5

There have been plenty of memorable plays in Falcons history, believe it or not, but as has been custom with our series, there can only be three that make the final cut.

Here’s my list:

  1. Big Ben Right
  2. Morten Andersen’s NFC Conference Championship game winner
  3. Michael Vick’s 46 yard touchdown scamper in 2002

If these three plays look familiar, it’s because they’re the same ones Vaughn McClure counted down with on ESPN. I found I couldn’t quibble with any of them, frankly, even though there’s other worthy plays to consider, including Julio Jones’ bonkers touchdown grab against the Panthers this past year.

Big Ben Right is iconic for a reason, because it was such a risky, odd play that paid off in such spectacular fashion. Steve Bartkowski heaved up a Hail Mary with less than 20 seconds left in the game that was (deliberately) batted by receiver Wallace Francis, then reeled in by fellow receiver Alfred Jackson for the touchdown. The fact that it was against the Saints just makes it a little more special.

Both of our other two plays came against the Vikings. Andersen’s field goal wasn’t the most difficult kick he made in his career, but it was arguably the most impactful, as it put the Falcons past one of the most dominant Vikings teams ever and into the Super Bowl. Vick’s touchdown run was just the most magical of his many, many ridiculous scrambles over the years, as it ended up winning the game for the Falcons in overtime, and showed the world (again) that Vick was simply one of the best athletes ever to play quarterback.

Which plays are on your list?