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What are the three best individual season performances in Falcons history?

The three most standout seasons in team history, as compiled by one handsome blogger.

Jamal Anderson

We’ve rolled through the roster, and now our series of superlatives is going to be talking more about performances. We start with the best single season performances ever for individual Falcons, which should bring back some fond memories.

Here’s my top three:

  1. Jamal Anderson’s 1998 season
  2. Julio Jones’ 2015 season
  3. John Abraham’s 2008 season

I don’t see how you can really quibble with these choices. Anderson toted the rock 410 times in the regular season en route to 1,846 yards, 14 touchdowns, and reeled in 27 catches for 319 yards and two touchdowns on top of that in the passing game. If he hadn’t suffered his ACL injury early the next year, almost certainly spurred by that workload, it’s not hard to imagine him still topping the franchise leaderboard for rushing. The Falcons essentially ended his career, but they also rode him (and a stout defense) all the way to the Super Bowl.

Julio came within sniffing distance of the league’s all-time receiving yards mark with his insane 136 catch, 1,871 yard, 8 touchdown season last year, and I fully expect the first two marks to stand in team history books forever unless Julio somehow breaks them again. The man is on another plane of existence.

You can argue that Abraham actually had a better year in 2010, when he also picked a pass, but I’m going to take Abe’s 2008, when he put up a franchise-best 16.5 sacks and whipped seemingly every tackle in the NFL en route to that mark.

Just missing the cut: Matt Ryan’s tremendous 2012 season, Terrance Mathis’s 1994 season, Michael Turner and Gerald Riggs’ career years, and basically most years for the likes of Mike Kenn, Tommy Nobis, and Claude Humphrey. I’m sure there’s one I’m missing, too.

What does your list look like?