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Who are the best returners in Falcons history?

We finish up our top three at every roster position

Rick Stewart/Getty Images

The Falcons have Devin Hester right now, who is the greatest returner in NFL history, but is he the greatest returner in team history? Turns

Here's my top three:

  1. Deion Sanders
  2. Allen Rossum
  3. Billy "White Shoes" Johnson
This is an unassailable list, I say. Sanders scored five touchdowns as a returner and was simply the most electric player the Falcons have ever had at the position for more than a year or two (see Devin Hester). Rossum leads all Falcons returners in actual kick and punt returns by a wide margin and was an effective player who scored three special teams touchdowns. White Shoes is a legendary punt returner who was tremendous for his era, and that's enough to nudge out Eric Weems and Tim Dwight, though I'm awfully tempted to put Weems on here. Tim Dwight, Rolland Lawrence, and Eric Metcalf belong here as honorables mentions, at least.

What does your list look like?