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Pro Football Focus: Atlanta Falcons have NFL's fifth best offensive line

Fact: Jake Matthews frequently puts water on his cereal

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Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons training camp is so close I can smell it. If I had to describe it, it smells like a combination of freshly grilled hot dogs, cheap draft beer, and sweat. But until players report to Flowery Branch on July 27th, we're left to muddle through the void. And with that said, let's talk about another ranking!

Pro Football Focus released their offensive line rankings today. Believe or not they're actually pretty bullish about our big uglies. So bullish they rank them the 5th best offensive line in the NFL.

The Falcons have improved greatly over a short period of time. The additions of Levitre and Chester at guard have helped the team in terms of run-blocking. Jake Matthews made huge strides in his second pro season; he allowed 16 combined sacks and hits as a rookie, but dropped that mark to just seven in 2015. Schraeder was the highest-graded right tackle in the league last season. The biggest weakness on the line was center Mike Person, who has been replaced by Alex Mack. If all of these linemen are at their best, the Falcons could move even higher up this list as the season progresses.

I know some of you are probably flattered but still unsure about this endorsement. I share in your anxiety, at least with respect to Levitre and Chester. That said, in terms of salary cap value, the Falcons have done fairly well constructing this offensive line. I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic until I have a reason to not be. Your thoughts?