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Grading Thomas Dimitroff: 2010 free agency

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

2010 was a quiet year for the Falcons in terms of veteran acquisitions, so it may skew things a bit in terms of our overall assessment of Thomas Dimitroff.

So far we've looked at the 20082009 and 2010 drafts, and we've graded Dimitroff's performance in acquiring veteran talent in 2008 and 2009. For more information about our grading system, you can read our introductory article here: Overview of grading Thomas Dimitroff as GM.

Dunta Robinson was, at the time, considered to be a very good acquisition. There were some concerns about his injury history, but he was pretty reliable for the Falcons, playing in 47 of the 48 regular season games he spent in Atlanta. Robinson wasn't the greatest fit for Atlanta's defense, but statistically, he did okay, with 184 combined tackles, 24 pass deflections, four interceptions and one forced fumble.

Falcons 2010 Veteran Acquisitions
Falcons 2010 FA

Free agency in 2010 was a bit of a mixed bag for our comparative teams, too.

Seahawks 2010 Veteran Acquisitions
Seahawks 2010 FA

Giants 2010 Veteran Acquisitions
Giants 2010 FA

Browns 2010 Veteran Acquistions
Browns 2010 FA

Quick Thoughts

The Browns really did okay in this free agency period. Yeah, they swung and missed on not one, but two veteran quarterbacks, but that was partially because Delhomme went down with an ankle injury after winning the starting job and never really got back to form. Peyton Hillis landed on the cover of Madden for his performance in his first season with the Browns, and Sheldon Brown and Benjamin Watson were solid additions.

The Giants had a pretty good free agency period, too. Hitting on two of three acquisitions is pretty impressive.

But those are our "bad" and "average" teams, for comparative purposes. The "good" team, the Seahawks, well, they nailed it with Chris Clemons and not so much with anyone else.

And the Falcons didn't really blow it with the acquisition of Robinson, but he wasn't a world-beater, either.

Final Tally

Falcons (Average - 3): They only acquired one player, and he grades out as average.

Seahawks (Average - 2.4): This was a bad year for the Seahawks.

Giants (Average - 4.3): When you only have three acquisitions and two of them are in the green, it was a decent free agency period.

Browns (Average - 3): They had a few great acquisitions in this period, and a handful of bad ones balanced it out.