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Falcons position group reviews: Is quarterback better in 2016?

Our series looking at improvement (or decline) in position groups across the Falcons roster. We start with that most critical position, punter quarterback.

Matt Ryan falcons quarterback Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Welcome to our final running series of the offseason! We’ll be going position-by-position and simply deciding whether that position is in better shape in 2016 than 2015. Enjoy!

2016 Quarterback Projection

QB Matt Ryan (Starter)
QB Matt Schaub (Backup)
QB Matt Simms (Practice Squad)

2015 Quarterback Depth Chart

QB Matt Ryan (Starter)
QB Sean Renfree (Backup)
QB Matt Simms (Practice Squad)

On paper, this is a slightly worse grouping, simply because I think Schaub is running on the fumes of veteran savvy and won’t offer much if Matt Ryan misses any time. Renfree, at least, was young enough to hope for better, even if he didn’t really deliver it.

Ryan, in contrast, should be better. He’s got another year in the offense, which means he certainly should not be worse, and Mohamed Sanu and Alex Mack should offer a little more for Kyle Shanahan’s scheme than Roddy White (sadly) and Mike Person. I’m not expecting Ryan to suddenly turn into the best possible version of himself, but I’m anticipating genuine improvement. I’ve said before that if Ryan can perform a bit better than his career average across the board, the offense should hum right along.

Matt Simms is a perfectly legitimate practice squad stash, though he’ll be challenged by UDFA Alex Ross.

Is it better?

Simply put, the Falcons should be better off at quarterback in 2016 if Ryan stays healthy, because Ryan has more to work with and has had more time to pick up Kyle Shanahan’s scheme, a scheme #2 admitted he struggled to adapt to in year one.

So yes. Do you agree?