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Who are the three best punters in Falcons history?

Matt Bosher is on the list because we fear him. Also, he’s good.

Matt Bosher Falcons Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

I hope you’re excited to talk! Some! Punters!

  1. John James
  2. Matt Bosher
  3. Billy Lothridge

James stands out for many reasons. He punted for Atlanta for 10 years, led the NFL in punts and punting yardage four separate times, and was legitimately good for his era. Bosher follows him here because he’s now punted at an extremely high level for five years and is easily the most willing tackler on this list, while Lothridge rounds out the list thanks to four very strong seasons in Atlanta and a couple of middling ones.

Michael Koenen is the tough omission here, and I’ll certainly accept the argument that he belongs over Lothridge. He had a similar career arc, with four good seasons and a couple of very so-so ones, but Koenen was a good player who also briefly took on kicking duties for Atlanta, if that sways you.

From here, you can include Dan Stryzinski, Scott Fulhage, and Chris Mohr, if you just have to have a lot of alternatives for a list of punters. What’s your list look like?