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Falcons want to get the crowd involved on defense in 2016

Will it work? Who knows!

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Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

The Falcons want a more aggressive, effective defense in 2016, and the jury's out on whether we'll actually get it. Dan Quinn has another goal, as well, and it's a lofty one.

Coach Dan Quinn came to the Falcons from the Seahawks, whose home crowd has long prided itself on how uncomfortable they make things on visiting teams by being loud throughout the game. Atlanta doesn’t have the same reputation, but Quinn said recently that he would like to see that change this season.

"I hope that together, as we go together in creating an environment, even at our home stadium that brings our fans and teams together like no other place," Quinn said, via USA Today. "So loud that when opposing teams have to come there, that false starts are a factor and we’re getting in the quarterback’s head. Together, that’s what we are aiming for."

Atlanta has the reputation, bluntly, of being a crappy sports town, though Falcons fans have certainly proven themselves capable of producing deafening noise. With the Decibacle scandal and the team's lousy play over the last three seasons, that willingness to be loud from opening kickoff to final whistle has waned, but Quinn's right to push for any competitive advantage he can get. Getting fans involved is an easy way to add that tiny bit of distraction that can aid an improving defense, but you do have to make the fans care enough to do so.

Bluntly, again, the only way the Falcons will get that to happen is by creating enough excitement, and you accomplish that chiefly through winning. If the team comes out of the gate hot Quinn might get his wish, but otherwise, the Falcons are going to have to better and aggressive on defense and hope the noise comes later.