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Who are the best three kickers in Falcons history?

Where does Money Matt Bryant rank?

Matt Bryant falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We’re nearing the end of our look at the top three everything on the Falcons’ roster, though we still have a handful of superlatives left to go through that aren’t specifically tied to positions. Before that, though, it’s time for special teams!

Here’s my top three kickers for the franchise:

  1. Morten Andersen
  2. Matt Bryant
  3. Mick Luckhurst

You’ll look at Andersen’s numbers (and Luckhurst’s, too) and wonder how either one can be mentioned in the same breath as Bryant, but you have to remember that we’re living in the era of the (relatively) accurate kicker. Andersen hit the biggest kick in franchise history and was one of the better kickers of his era over his eight seasons in Atlanta.

Bryant is the most accurate kicker in franchise history, a stellar player and human being in general, and a guy who you could count on to nail the big kick until last year, when injury struck. If he makes the roster this year, he has a very real chance to make 23 field goals, which would put him ahead of Andersen on the all-time field goal list and force us to re-visit this one.

Luckhurst wasn’t particularly accurate, but he’s third all-time on the Falcons’ franchise list, retired the team’s leading scorer (he’s not any longer, obviously), and has both longevity and being British going for him.

Who makes your top three list?