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Predict the Falcons 53 man roster. Right now. Do it

In the heart of the offseason, 53 man roster projections are just something you do.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are inching closer to training camp, and what we see during those practices and preseason games will give us enough information to make responsible, intelligent forecasts about what this roster might look like in early September.

Because it's a Sunday without football yet again, though, we're gonna toss responsible out of the window and ask you for your 53 man roster projections. You've got free agency, the draft, and both OTAs and minicamps to go off of, so you're not completely fumbling around in the dark, even if it's going to feel like that at a few contested positions. Just give us your best shot, because it's not like something you post on the Internet is going to stick around forever or anything.

I'm not going to color your predictions with mine, but we'll have our own thoughts on the roster Tuesday. Predict away, do some hearty debating, and we'll see how close you are in a couple of months.