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Ask Roddy White your Falcons and football questions

Get A Moment with a former Falcons great.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We had a lot of fun with asking Mohamed Sanu questions for our Falcoholic moment, where he answered a handful of your pressing questions about the Falcons, his production with the Bengals, and sandwiches.

Now we've got another opportunity for a Moment, and this one belongs to former Falcon, franchise receiving leader, and Kyle Shanahan's best friend Roddy White. Roddy always did a lot for charity during his time with the team, so it's little surprised he's involved here and supporting the Keep the Faith Foundation.

Just like last time, you can ask Roddy what you like (within reason, please) and he'll end up answering as many questions as we can reasonably cram into one minute. There'll be a little turnaround time on the video, but you can look for it later this week, and it'll be nice to hear from Roddy directly.

Ask away, and we'll collect a couple of the best questions to pass on to Roddy.