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Who are the three best safeties in Falcons history?

Hard-hitting? Check. Good? Also check.

George Rose/Getty Images

After rolling through cornerback, a position with a tremendous history for Atlanta, we come to safety. There's no Hall of Famers on this list, but there are some familiar names who were legitimately great players in their own right. One, in particular, is basically synonymous with big hits here in Atlanta.

Here's my top three.

  1. Scott Case
  2. Tom Pridemore
  3. Ray Brown
Case is a he only played safety full time for the Falcons for about five seasons as a starter. He was so, so good during that run--and good enough as a cornerback, too--that in my mind he rises to #1. Pridemore was just a terrific player who once snagged seven interceptions in a season and manned free safety for Atlanta for eight seasons. Brown is largely forgotten today, but he spent seven seasons at both safety spots and had a few great seasons during that span. In my humble opinion, this is the obvious top three.

Honorable mentions go out to William Moore, Thomas DeCoud (yes, really) and Bob Glazebrook. Who is on your list?