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A bunch of nobodies eligible for the supplemental draft

If there is one thing that is always disappointing, it is the annual supplemental draft.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The supplemental draft is full of players unavailable to play in college football typically due to arrests, suspensions, poor grades, and generally fighting with their college coaches. This is basically a draft of red flags and players with questionable character, so the Falcons have stayed away from this entirely for decades.

Is there anyone of interest? Well, no. Not even close.

I can't wait until everyone starts unveiling their supplemental mock drafts, with seven rounds of every team passing. That joke is funny every year. Kills me every time.

While it is almost a guarantee no one is selecting these players, as teams are usually unwilling to forfeit their corresponding draft pick next year for a player who couldn't keep it together in college, a few guys may be worth a shot in camp.

Ra'Zahn Howard is 6-foot-3, 325-pounds, and played three years for the powerhouse Perdue Boilermakers some team in Indiana. That is interesting size, and Howard is only leaving his school due to academic reasons. I'm very confused by Tee Shepard's story, as he committed to a few different teams, and barely played for Ole Miss before retiring then announcing a plan to transfer because his coach blamed Shepard's very poor hearing on defensive problems. Shepard was one of the top corner back recruits before barely playing in college.

It is unclear if any of these players will enter the supplemental draft, but the only guarantee is that none of them will get drafted in the supplemental draft. Another guarantee: the Atlanta Falcons don't touch any of them.