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Poll: How many of you honestly believe Dan Quinn is on the hot seat in 2016?

I mean, seriously?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This one has been bugging me for a while, so bear with me.

Dan Quinn is entering his second year with the Atlanta Falcons, was the hand-picked coach of Arthur Blank, the current front office, and one very expensive search firm, and finishing his first year at a respectable (if ultimately disappointing) 8-8. The new stadium is opening in 2017, so there's a certain amount of logic in thinking that Quinn and the front office could find themselves in trouble if 2016 goes poorly, given how badly Blank and company want to win in Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

For all that, I'm having a hard time why the notion of Quinn being fired comes up again and again. The front office is one thing, and I understand that coaches often find themselves on the outs when general managers are canned, but Blank himself was both heavily involved and heavily invested in Quinn's hiring. I can't see him getting the axe unless the Falcons are winless in 2016, and that's only slight hyperbole.

Yet it's a common enough sentiment that I want to learn just how many people hold it in this fanbase, or at the closest possible approximation. That's why I've put together the poll below.

I'm not going to promise I won't judge you for your opinion, but be honest anyways, because this poll is anonymous. Is Dan Quinn on the hot seat?