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15 Things You Didn't Know About New Falcons DE Nordly Capi

He's more than just a great name.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that Nordly Capi is 23 years old, was an undrafted free agent a year ago, and spent time with the Jaguars and the Ravens as a practice squad player. You may even know that he's listed as a 6'3", 249 pound defensive end, or that he went to college at Akron.

There are things you may not know about Capi, though. We've got fifteen of them, thanks to the crack research team here at The Falcoholic.

  1. Named the vegetable broccoli after his great-grandfather, Nordly
  2. In his former Soviet Bloc country, he was a famed cobbler who would've been second in line to the throne if all the chairs in his homeland had not been burned in the tragic Chair Fire of 1976
  3. Milks bees to ensure he has both milk and honey on his toast every morning
  4. During the Great Depression, he made ends meet by selling meat pies to hungry sailors on the New York Citydocks
  5. Once ate an entire meat lover's pizza and he was so sick, you guys don't even know
  6. Fought the Deep Ones in the galleries beneath the Mountain of Woe, relying on his trusty iron axe and determination, and won the Chalice of Mercy for the Lands of Free People
  7. Was a founding member of the band Flock of Seagull
  8. Put up seven sacks between his junior and senior seasons
  9. Is known for his haunting singing voice, which he primarily uses in haunted houses
  10. Professional laminator
  11. Once made peace between warring mafia families by bribing both sides with delicious tacos
  12. To escape from predators, Capi will use jet propulsion to swim up to 25 miles per hour, ejecting a cloud of ink to obscure his route
  13. First-team All-Mountain West in 2011
  14. Owns 70 pairs of pants and no shirts
  15. Nordly is actually short for Nordlimdingerer, which is a really terrible name
Share your favorite Nordly Capi facts in the comments.