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Falcons news we want to hear: Updates on Chris Chester, Devin Hester, and Grady Jarrett

The three Falcons dealing with long-term injuries are the ones to keep your eye on this week.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons are approaching June minicamp (open to the public!) relatively healthy. What would really enhance my piece of mind is if we found out that the team was fully healthy, though, and we should get an update sometime this week.

The three names to know here are Grady Jarrett (knee tendinitis), Chris Chester (offseason surgery), and Devin Hester (offseason surgery). There's no particular indication that Jarrett or Chester is going to miss training camp time, but until we get progress reports, I'm not going to assume anything either way. Recovering from shoulder surgery, as Chester is, takes considerable time, and tendinitis is the sort of thing you want to let healt at its own pace. With both Jarrett and Chester competing for starting gigs, the Falcons need both healthy in plenty of time for preseason.

Hester is a different case. We've discussed his injury and recovery a lot here at The Falcoholic, but sussing out A) exactly when he will be back and B) what kind of role he can anticipate when he returns has been a challenge. My guess is that you'll see Hester a week or so into training camp, and that he'll be competing for the returner job (which he would win handily if he was healthy and that role's importance wasn't diminishing) and a small role on offense. If the Falcons think a Devin Fuller or Tevin Coleman can catch a few passes and handle return duties effectively, that might be it for Hester in Atlanta. You hate to see a guy effectively lose his job because of injury, but here we are.

We'll keep you posted if we hear anything new about anyone in this trio. When do you expect each to be back?