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Can the Falcons eliminate missed tackles in 2016?

No. But they can get a lot closer than they were in 2015.

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Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

If you felt like the Atlanta Falcons missed a ton of tackles in 2015, you are not alone. Dan Quinn has made it a point of emphasis this offseason that the Falcons need to tackle better than they have, and if you're looking to truly quantify what that means, we need to look at what Quinn and this coaching staff saw a year ago.

Per Pro Football Focus, the Falcons' team tackling efficiency was 26th in the NFL. If that sounds suspiciously like big fancy numbers to you, consider that their 132 whiffs put them at 28th in the league in that statistic, just ahead of the Saints and Buccaneers. They missed a lot of tackles, is what I'm getting at.

The Falcons can't eliminate that issue entirely in 2016--the league's second-most efficient tackling team was the 49ers, and they still missed 94--but they can make legitimate strides. That's going to cut down on our frustration as fans, and it could cut down on the number of big plays the Falcons allow, which has been a persistent problem for Atlanta since at least 2013.

I keep harping on this, but the Falcons lost at least three games a year ago because of one or two major mistakes. It's not unreasonable to think that the road to improvement involves doing the little things (like snapping the football and tackling well) and doing them well.