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Despite suggesting otherwise, Falcons still not signing pass rushers, cornerbacks

This is not harsh, it's just honest.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff talked about the Falcons never shying away from pass rushers and cornerbacks after free agency was winding down and the draft was yet to come. Not a single thing this team has done since then has intersected with those statements, which I'm having a devil of a time finding in their original context.

This isn't to imply that Dan Quinn is a liar (any more than any other NFL coach), but the team's actions simply haven't matched the rhetoric this offseason. The team made it clear that they felt they couldn't have enough pass rushers or cornerbacks, and all they've done to address those issues is 1) add a couple of linebackers and UDFAs who might help and B) no cornerbacks, unless you count UDFAs. They've brought in the likes of Dwight Freeney and Brandon Boykin for visits, but there haven't been any signings, and the team still has Jalen Collins out for four games and not a lot of obvious, high-end pass rushing options on the roster.

There are only two conclusions you can draw from that: Either the team hasn't been impressed with the options that have been available and are content to wait, or they're saying things they know the fanbase wants to hear without any intent to follow through on them. I'm guessing it's the former, but given that we're in June and training camp is right around the corner, and the market is pretty close to picked clean for the moment.

I don't doubt that the Falcons will add a pass rusher, cornerback, or both between now and the end of the summer, but unless a couple of intriguing players shake loose or the team re-visits Freeney, they're simply not likely to be players that make an impact for the 2016 team. Dan Quinn has an enormous amount of faith in his coaching staff and the talent currently on the roster, and we'll hope that faith is justified. I just find the lack of movement curious.

Do you?