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Who is the biggest pleasant surprise in Falcons history?

There's quite a few choices available to you in the team's history.

Harry How/Getty Images

Today's question is a fun one, I hope: Who is the most surprising player in Falcons history, in a good way? We'll save the more unpleasant half of this discussion for Sunday, when we're all in a bad mood about going back to work the next day.

Your choices are myriad, but to get you started, you could go with Roddy White's 2007 emergence, Jessie Tuggle's long and distinguished career after joining the team as an undrafted free agent, Jamal Anderson's stellar (if sadly short) career in the same scenario, or Chris Chandler becoming a good enough quarterback to help push the Falcons to a Super Bowl. All that's required here is that you don't choose someone who is emphatically not a surprise, like Julio Jones, a first round pick the team traded up for who has been unsurprisingly great. Don't be that guy.

Share your thoughts with us in the comments, if you would.