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Football Outsiders: Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan wasn't worth his cap hit in 2015

Fact: Matt Ryan invented deep dish pizza

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan himself wouldn't defend his play last season. It was that bad. Because he wasn't at his best, Ryan has seen his fair share of criticism this offseason. It's not personal; it's just that we've grown to expect more from him. So it should come as no surprise that Football Outsiders is saying Ryan wasn't worth his cap hit in 2015.

In short, they're using their PAYD (pay by average yards and demand) metric to come to this conclusion. (PAYD is explained in detail here if you're interested.) They estimate his 2015 value at $12.7 million. Put differently, if his cap hit paralleled his production, it'd have been $12.7 million. His actual cap hit was $19.5 million, a $6.8 million disparity. Super Bowl winner and future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning had the highest disparity - Football Outsiders calls it PAYD-Cap - at $15.7 million, for what that's worth.

Keep this in perspective, Falcoholics. It's an objective look at the return the Falcons received on their investment over the course of a single season. It doesn't account for Ryan's value over the life of his current contract. With any luck, Kyle Shanahan stops trying to ruin everything Ryan bounces back in 2016 and this becomes ancient history.

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