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Vic Beasley named one of three pass rushers most likely to increase sack total

Considering he had only four in 2015, we certainly hope so.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If you think Vic Beasley is bound to improve for the Falcons, you're not alone. Bring it in.

Jamie Dukes, who you may remember fondly from his 92.9 days, appeared on the NFL Network and named three pass rushers who are due for more production in 2016. Dukes' logic wasn't exactly "because he can't very well get fewer on a better defense," but it may as well have been. It's worth noting that Dukes believes that Beasley, who he calls an athletic player who is going to move around the defense, is going to have a "monster year," which is about the strongest endorsement of Beasley you're likely to hear before the season starts.

Beasley, of course, is getting a long look at linebacker, where he'll likely play on early downs before moving back to defensive end on third downs. The key takeaway here isn't "he's less valuable as a linebacker" but "will this experiment put him in the best possible situation to succeed?"

For what it's worth, I think it does. and I expect Beasley to take a major leap forward this season. How about you?