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Who are the three best quarterbacks in Atlanta Falcons history?

The order of the list is going to vary a lot more than the actual list, we think.

Mike Powell/Getty Images

We've been asking you to consider some of the greatest (and worst) games and coaches in Falcons history. Now we're turning out our eyes to the best players on the roster, and I'm sure this will not be controversial at all.

We start with quarterback, that most vital of positions, and a position where the Falcons have had maybe three franchise players in their entire history, all of whom were selected in the top three for their respective draft classes. The question is less about whether you believe Matt Ryan, Michael Vick and Steve Bartkowski belong atop the list than what order you're going to put them in, unless you're a particularly huge fan of Chris Chandler or Chris Miller.

Here's my list, in case you're wondering. I do think Ryan is the best player on this list regardless of era, while Bartkowski was a very good quarterback who suffered from both the league he was a part of and the team he was a part of. While Vick's tenure ended poorly and he would admit to you that he could've been better in Atlanta, he was an electric player who did great things for the franchise, so he belongs here.

  1. Matt Ryan
  2. Steve Bartkowski
  3. Michael Vick
Your list probably doesn't look the same as mine, so share yours with us, if you would.