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The most player-friendly contract on the Falcons' books is C Alex Mack

He was a necessary addition, but a costly one.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday we let you know that ESPN Insider had broken down the most team-friendly contracts on each NFL team's books, and the NFL's most hated man, Jacob Tamme, represented the Falcons. ESPN's Mike Sando is at it again today, breaking down the most player-friendly contracts for each team (Insider required). For the Falcons, that's center Alex Mack.

The Falcons signed Mack in free agency after a season of watching Mike Person demonstrate an absolute inability to effectively play the center position. The interior line play last season was bad in general, and with Mack anchoring it, we should see improvement in 2016.

With the money the Falcons have invested in the offense, Mack included, it only makes sense to give Matt Ryan an adequate center. Mack signed a five-year, $45 million contract with the Falcons, with $20 million of that fully guaranteed. It's the largest contract for a center in the NFL.

Sando notes that one element of the contract's structure makes it especially player friendly for Mack, who is 31. Many contracts try to concentrate guaranteed money in the early years of a contract, but Mack's contains $8.5 million in guaranteed money in the third year of the contract if Mack is on the Falcons' roster in May 2017.

Your thoughts on Mack and his contract?