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Report: Atlanta Falcons DB C.J. Goodwin could help team at cornerback in 2016

Fact: C.J. Goodwin is deathly afraid of corn

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
The Atlanta Falcons don't have a lot of depth at cornerback heading into training camp. Given Jalen Collins' suspension and what could fairly be construed as poor roster management, the Falcons' CB corps is a little top heavy. That will give some relative unknowns a fair shot at making the week 1 roster.

C.J. Goodwin is a name that should ring a bell. He spent time on the Falcons practice squad last season as a wide receiver. Now he's playing some cornerback and drawing rave reviews from the coaching staff. D. Orlando Ledbetter did an entire piece about his transition and potential to fill out the back end of the CB corps. (Go read it now, if you haven't already.)
"Guarding Julio Jones is not the easiest job on the planet," Quinn said. "We said, ‘we might have something here.'" After consulting with defensive backs coach Marquand Manuel, Goodwin was moved to cornerback. "We talked to him after the season and said we wanted to go down this road," Quinn said. "He wanted to do it. He's going full-time at corner now. We'll leave him there and see what it looks like. He's got great ball skills."

It's funny what guarding arguably the best wide receiver in the game can do for your career. The Falcons, to their credit, have a good track record when it comes to find defensive backs in the rough. With any luck, Goodwin can take a few snaps in Collins' absence and play capably.

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