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Who are the three best coaches in Falcons history?

Give it some thought, but the hardest part is deciding on the third best.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We're back to more positive thoughts today, friends. This time around, we're looking back at the best coaches in the history of the team.

This is pretty easy, frankly, but picking the third coach and figuring out the order is a little trickier. There have only been a few genuinely good coaches in team history, and while you may be tempted to argue that someone like Jim Mora was fine coach (he probably was), the success wasn't there or the tenure wasn't long enough.

  1. Dan Reeves
  2. Mike Smith
  3. Leeman Bennett
Reeves is a tough one, because the team was a real mixed bag during his tenure, but they did go the Super Bowl and I do believe he was a very good coach. Smith did terrific work for the Falcons, somehow coached defensive competence out of a grab bag of talent (even if he certainly was involved in acquiring that talent), and came very close to bringing the Falcons to a Super Bowl. Under Bennett, meanwhile, the Falcons had one of the best defenses in league history one year and generally were very competitive. We'll hope we can add Dan Quinn to that list.

What are your choices?