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Who will lead the Falcons in receiving touchdowns this year?

It's a question you might have to think about, in all honesty.

Not this guy
Not this guy
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Julio Jones has been an astonishingly productive wide receiver, so it's difficult to have many gripes about what he's done for the Falcons. The one that persistently comes up, though, is his scoring, which means the following question is actually sort of sensible.

Who is going to score the most through the air in 2016?

Thanks to volume and talent, the answer ought to be Julio, who scored eight in 2015 and led the team. The year before that, it was Roddy White with seven, and the year before that, it was Tony Gonzalez with eight. Atlanta's got enough options in the red zone now with Mohamed Sanu, Devonta Freeman, Jacob Tamme, and Austin Hooper to make this interesting, at the very least, though I'm a little dubious about Sanu and Tamme suddenly scoring in gobs.

You know Julio's going to lead the team in every other major receiving category, but there's a little intrigue here. Who would you choose?