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Hey Atlanta Falcons fans, what's the strongest reason you like a particular player?

Fact: Matt Ryan is considering a second career in team gymnastics

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons, like most NFL teams, have a roster that's in a constant state of flux. Think of it this way: fast forward ten years and what will the team look like? Odds are one, maybe two players currently under contract will still be with the team. Your current favorite player? His retirement papers will likely be on file at the NFL headquarters in NYC.

As fans, we grow attached to certain players. But this is a business, something we saw firsthand when the Falcons decided to part ways with Roddy White this off-season. And that's why you appreciate your favorite players while they're still with the team. But why do we connect with some players more than other? As a fan, what's the strongest reason you like a particular player?

I'll start. I'm a bit cliche. My favorite player is franchise quarterback Matthew Thomas Ryan. My strongest reason for liking him is his sheer determination. There's just no quit in Matty. No matter how bad things are going or how badly he's hurting, the kid doesn't stop. I've seen Matty throwing downfield confidently with angry defenders bearing down on him more times than I can count.

So how about you, Falcoholic? What's your strongest reason for like your favorite player?