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Choosing the worst three Falcons games of all time

Atlanta's had plenty of terrible games, sadly.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, we got the chance to reflect on some of the best games in team history, and it made us all fondly remember why we love this team in the first place. Today, forget all that, we're talking terrible games.

You don't get to 50 years as an NFL team without a Super Bowl ring without a lot of lousy losses, and unfortunately, the Falcons' past is littered with those. What I'd like you to do is give us the three worst ones, if you can do so through your tears.

Here are my choices:

  1. The Super Bowl against the Broncos, for sheer pain
  2. The 2012 NFC Championship Game loss to the 49ers, for the same reason
  3. The season-ending 2014 loss to the Panthers, which ended the Mike Smith era
All of those games stunk, and each one has stuck with me long after I watched it. What are your choices?