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Falcons fans have purchased close to $200 million in personal seat licenses already

That's close to 30,000 accounted for, in case you're wondering how the math works out.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

We've heard the Falcons stadium is basically on track, albeit more expensive, and that the Falcons might be slashing PSL prices. For all that, though, it looks like sales are pretty brisk.

According to those figures, the Falcons had sold 29,835 seat licenses for $172.3 million through April 30. That included 4,497 club seats sold for $99.6 million and 25,338 non-club seats sold for $72.7 million. In April, 624 seat licenses were sold.

Clearly the Falcons aren't exactly satisfied with the pace thus far, but it seems to me that it's pretty solid for a stadium that isn't opening for almost a full calendar year, and for a football team that (regrettably) has played sub-.500 ball over the last three seasons. Slashing the price on some of the PSLs will help in that regard, but this probably isn't the last time you'll wind up reading about sales that aren't quite where the team wants them.

The problem, of course, is that the stadium has cost far more than originally expected, so Arthur Blank and company will be looking for other ways to drive revenue for the new stadium, from concerts to other sporting events to the Super Bowl, which Atlanta will host in 2019. Getting the Falcons to the playoffs this year would probably help out, too.