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What is your biggest concern for the Falcons in 2016?

With so many apparently feeling more optimistic, we're curious.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Generally speaking, it seems like your average Falcons fans is more optimistic about this team's fortunes than they were a short time ago. That's according to our latest poll, which saw close to 60% of Falcons fans who took it reporting they felt better about the team than they did back in January.

It's not hard to understand why--new additions traditionally spark optimism, the team genuinely looks better at this very early stage--but I don't want to be all sunshine and roses just yet. I want to know what's concerning you most about this team's chances in 2016, even if you think they'll be a terrific football team.

For me, it's still going to be the pass rush, and barring John Abraham stepping into a time machine and returning to this team to play alongside Vic Beasley, it will remain my largest concern. The offense should, I believe, be improved, the secondary looks solid, the linebackers are definitely better than they were a year ago, and so on, but I simply can't see how the pass rush is going to be more than mediocre. At least for this year.

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