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Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan working on footwork with a mirror

There's a song in here, somewhere.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan wasn't doomed by any one thing in 2016, but he was certainly hurt by lackluster footwork. That's been a focus for Ryan all offseason, and from the mothership, we're learning how he's working on it.

"Simple things like getting in front of a mirror, trying to get your feet into position to be able to drive the ball the way we want to and the timing of the play," Ryan said when asked how he worked to improve his comfort level with the system.

This sounds simple and a little ridiculous on its face, but just watching what you're doing in a mirror can be extremely helpful when you're trying to diagnose what you're doing wrong. For Ryan, who was under duress and sometimes just tossing his mechanics entirely to the wind, that kind of work may be just as valuable as seeing his decision-making laid bare on film.

If Ryan improves his footwork, if Mohamed Sanu lives up to the sudden hype he's getting, and the offensive line is improved, the offense might genuinely surprise this year. It's a lot of ifs, but better an if than a no way, I say.