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What will the balance between pass and run look like for the Falcons in 2016?

It's unlikely to change much, given that Altanta has made a conscious attempt to add assets for the passing game.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons cashed in an 8-8 season in 2015, and they did so while throwing 614 times and ran the ball 414 times. That wasn't true balance, but considering this is a pass-first league and the Falcons are a pass-first team, it was sensible enough.

If we're asking whether that's going to change in 2016--and hey, we are!--the answer is probably no. On one hand, Devonta Freeman will be entering his third year in the league and says he's got a great grasp on the offense, and Tevin Coleman appears to be ready to take a step forward in his second season. On the other hand, the Falcons went out and grabbed Alex Mack with Matt Ryan's health in mind, and they added Mohamed Sanu and Austin Hooper, who both figure to be weapons for the Falcons this year. Kyle Shanahan has also tended to lean on a quality passing game when he has one, and whatever you may think of Ryan and company, the Falcons have Julio Jones. He's a decent aerial attack basically by himself.

If you were guessing Ryan might throw a few less times and the team might rush closer to 450 times, I'd say that would seem like a fair guess. The pass is still going to come first for Atlanta, though. Do you agree?