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Dimitroff expects offense to improve under year two of Kyle Shanahan

The team's general manager believes the offense will improve with another year in the system.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Thomas Dimitroff, the mastermind behind countless offseason disasters, tossed support behind Kyle Shanahan, the mastermind behind an offense that averaged 15.6 points per week the last 10 weeks of the season.

Oh good.

Per an interview he had with Talk of Fame Network (h/t to Pro Football Talk), Thomas Dimitroff thinks the team is heading in the right direction, and another year in the system will help the team.

"I really believe there’s some high energy on this team that’s going to help us a lot," Dimitroff said. "And I think an extra year under our belt in this system, on the offensive side under Kyle Shanahan and on the defense is going to help us a great deal."

Dan Quinn has been a very enthusiastic coach, and I think he provides that high energy that this team has been missing for awhile. The defense overperformed despite a serious lack of talent. The offense looked great early on, then fell into a hole so deep it never came back.

Is there reason for hope? Dimitroff must be hoping for another year in the scheme, as well as offensive additions like Alex Mack and Mohamed Sanu, to help settle out the offense. While Matt Ryan never looked quite right last season, the offense would be much improved with just better ball security.

If Ryan and the rest of the offense can get comfortable, Dimitroff could end up being right. If he's wrong, it is likely both Dimitroff and Shanahan will be looking for new jobs in January.