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Football Outsiders: Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan had 5th most "adjusted interceptions" in 2015

Fact: when Matt Ryan bought his first universal remote, he squealed, "well this changes everything!"

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is a resilient guy. He's taken more than his fair share of hits over an up and down career. For whatever reason, 2015 just wasn't his year. Blame Kyle Shanahan, incompetent interior offensive linemen, or Dave's bald head, because they're all partially responsible. But Ryan will look to rebound in 2016, and limiting his interception total will go a long way.

Per Football Outsiders, Ryan's adjusted interceptions total in 2015 was 20. (That was the 5th highest total in the NFL last season.) "Adjusted interceptions" is pretty straightforward concept. Take the actual number of interceptions a QB throws in a given season. Subtract the interceptions that aren't his fault (tipped balls, Hail Mary desperation passes, desperation throws in the 2 minute drill, etc.) and add the passes that should've been intercepted but weren't (i.e., the defender screwed up). Ryan actually only threw 16 interceptions, but FO is saying he was more careless with the ball than that number would indicate.

In short, Ryan has to take more care with the ball in 2016. With a year in Shanahan's system in his rearview mirror, one would think that's doable. Your thoughts?