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Falcons fans feeling more optimistic about 2016 season now than you'd expect

Polling reveals that a lot of fans like the team's direction.

Yesterday, we asked Falcons fans if they were feeling more or less optimistic about the team's fortunes now than they were right after the 2015 season. The answer leaned more optimistic than I would have thought.

Falcoholic poll

None of us have loved every move we've seen this offseason, but on balance I think most of us would agree that this team looks improved. Whether that's enough to translate into more wins or even a playoff berth is beyond our ability to discern just yet, but I can't blame anyone for thinking that this Falcons team might at least give us a little bit more to hope for in 2016. Certainly if the Falcons are demonstrably worse than they were a year ago, I won't be the only one who is a little bit surprised. And very angry, too.

Do you agree with the majority of your fellow Falcons fans polled here?