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Who is going to be the backup center for the Atlanta Falcons?

It's not the most pressing roster question, but we are genuinely curious.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons made Alex Mack their splash signing of the 2016 offseason, and it's not hard to understand why after we watched Mike Person and James Stone snap the football last year. Mack is the slam dunk starter at the position and is both good enough and durable enough that we shouldn't need to worry about who is going to back him up all that often.

Still, it's a question that I've returned to a few times, because you always like to know who your reserves are going to be. Who is going to back up Mack?

Your choices are essentially Person, Stone, undrafted free agent Jake Reed, or someone converting to center from guard, which would open up the field considerably. Person is going to primarily spend his time at guard, where his blocking should play better and snapping won't be an issue, so that's really going to leave you Stone and Reed. I've liked Stone since the Falcons signed him, but he's been hurt and ineffective for stretches, and Reed is obviously completely unproven.

My gut tells me Stone wins the gig, but it's pretty clear that the Falcons are going to need to keep Mack healthy to avoid a pretty massive dropoff in center play, no matter who wins. Let's hear your guess.