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NFL changes practice squad rules

Teams benefit, as you might expect.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

You may recall the NFL increasing the size of the practice squad from eight players to ten just a couple of years ago, with those two additional players remaining eligible up to two full years of accrued games. The NFL has just done players a solid by ensuring that from now on, that eligibility will extend to four out of the ten players on a practice squad.

As Mile High Report notes, a team like the Broncos could place 2014 first round pick Bradley Roby on their practice squad this year because he fits that designation. That's not the best example, because a player with a first round pedigree is likely to be snapped up, but the Falcons could stash Tyler Starr, Terron Ward, Akeem King, and James Stone on the practice squad this year to free up roster spots for others and still develop those players, hypothetically.

This helps teams who have developmental players they like that are simply taking a while to develop, and for some players, it's a hell of a lot better than being cut outright.

Who do you think the Falcons might carry on the practice squad this year that fits this designation?