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Aldrick Robinson may be Kyle Shanahan's new Nick Williams

Former Washington receiver? Check. Kyle Shanahan connection? Check. Having a good camp? Also check.

Rafael Suanes-USA TODAY Sports

The Falcons got a lot more mileage than any of us expected out of Nick Williams a year ago, and while he had a couple of poor plays, he was generally good for one clutch reception a game. This year, Nick Williams is still competing for a roster spot, but a former Washington teammate might steal that gig away.

I'm referring to Aldrick Robinson, who we never really properly highlighted earlier this week when he was earning raves from reporters:

This is one day in shorts, where a speedy receiver like Robinson can thrive, so you should absolutely take it with a grain of salt. The Falcons are pretty wide open at wide receiver after Justin Hardy, however, with the fifth (and maybe sixth) guys they keep likely to focus primarily on special teams. That leaves the fourth receiver gig to the likes of Williams, a reasonably speedy possession type, and Robinson, who has legitimate deep speed but hasn't been able to do much with it thus far in his career.

Given that both Mohamed Sanu and Hardy aren't necessarily speedsters, someone like Robinson makes sense as an option when the Falcons want to take some strikes downfield. Given that no less an authority than Julio Jones believes the Falcons will, and given that Williams impressively held on to a spot but did not distinguish himself a year ago, I think Robinson's got a real shot.

How about you?