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Did you miss the Facebook Live mailbag? We've got you covered

Behold, the Facebook Live mailbag from earlier this week.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A few people haven't been happy with the transition to Facebook Live for our mailbags, and we've heard your concerns and we're taking steps to ensure that you're not left out of the fun from now on. Moving forward, we'll not only have the video streaming live on our Facebook page, but we'll also share it on the site as well.

I swear, Facebook always defaults to the absolute least flattering screen caps for these videos.

This week, I fielded a lot of questions about minicamp, as you might expect. We're just a few weeks from having a constant stream of NFL news about the Falcons and everybody else, which is very exciting. However, we've got a bit of a slow period coming up between now and the end of July when training camp begins, so you may want to start thinking of your Falcons questions for next week's mailbag now.