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Rookie linebacker Deion Jones up to 230 pounds

Jones looked a bit light for a weakside linebacker, with many expecting him to add a few pounds before regular season.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After the Atlanta Falcons drafted De'Vondre Campbell, it was announced that Deion Jones would actually play the middle linebacker spot. At 222 pounds, he would easily be the lightest MIKE in the entire NFL.

Fear not, because Jones is already up to 230 pounds. Per D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Falcons middle linebacker Deion Jones has bulked up to 230 pounds. During the pre-draft process he was down to 222 pounds in order to help him run a faster 40-yard dash time. Now, he needs to bulk to battle through the trenches of the NFL. "It’s been comfortable," Jones said. "It hasn’t been bad at all." Jones, a second round pick from LSU, said the added pounds haven’t slowed him down.

Jones has more than enough speed to go around, so there should be little worry that he will not be one of the quickest middle linebackers in the league. Even with some added weight, he adds some much needed speed to Atlanta's slooooow group of linebackers.

Will it be enough? Tampa Bay is starting 227-pounder Kwon Alexander, who earned a defensive player of the week award in his rookie year. Even Carolina's Luke Kueckly is listed on the lighter end at 238 pounds. Considering the added focus on the passing game, most teams have been looking at lighter, faster linebackers.

Jones has a long way to go to earn a starting spot, but his size should not hold him back. In fact, Rotoworld suggests Jones as a dark horse for Defensive Rookie of the Year.