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Courtney Upshaw is making his case for a Falcons roster spot...with versatility?

The Falcons are trying the hefty linebacker slash defensive end slash defensive tackle out all over the place.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Minicamp is a time of enjoyable storylines, many of which will be moot in a couple of weeks. I noted this yesterday, when I Tweeted out a few hot takes that included "Wes Schweitzer is going to start at right guard" and "the Falcons are definitely taking more shots downfield."

The thing is, though, some of these things might actually happen. Schweitzer has impressed early, for example. And as odd as it was to see Courtney Upshaw manning the nose on a handful of practice snaps yesterday, you don't have to use your imagination to see Upshaw carving out a role on this team with versatility and solid run defense alone.

Upshaw, you'll recall, spent a lot of time as a linebacker with the Baltimore Ravens, but was expected to largely stick to defensive end for Atlanta. If he can line up as a defensive tackle at times when the Falcons want a lighter front, play some end on obvious run downs, and perhaps even move back to linebacker in short yardage situations when the Falcons just want to stack some beef up front, he's considerably more likely to stick around on a defense without a ton of settled roles.

So keep your eye on how the Falcons use Upshaw in the weeks ahead. This might just be a lark as Dan Quinn and company try things out in minicamp, but it could signal that the Falcons are intent on getting Upshaw snaps and are going to find creative ways to do so.