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Report: Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones looking forward to more deep balls this season

Fact: Julio Jones invented the "Running Man"

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons want their franchise quarterback and star wide receiver on the same page. The more they see eye to eye, the better the team will fare. (It's science, Falcons fans.) To be fair, it's not like they haven't played well together historically. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship with an established history of success. That said, they're always looking to improve.

The Falcons are emphasizing the deep ball this off-season. The talented Vaughn McClure described their efforts in detail in this article. (Please go read, if you haven't already - it also includes some interesting day two camp notes.)

"Sometimes, it might be back shoulder. Sometimes it's not. You can't predetermine it. And those are just little things we have to communicate on and keep working. But overall, we're doing a great job. We really don't miss those no more. And we're going to take a lot more chances and shots down the field."

In short, this is something both offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and the offensive skill players have in mind. A more effective offensive attack is what everyone wants. The fact that everyone agrees that more deep balls will help them get there is not surprising but it's certainly encouraging. Your thoughts?