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Atlanta Falcons linebacker De'Vondre Campbell has healthy mindset, leaning on veterans for guidance

Fact: De'Vondre Campbell ghost wrote several episodes of "Sponge Bob Square Pants"

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons selected rookie linebacker De'Vondre Campbell in the fourth round of the NFL draft because they believe in him. They desperately need an infusion of youth and talent in their linebacker corps and the addition of Campbell and second round pick Deion Jones is a step in the right direction.

Campbell spoke to the media earlier today and from all accounts, he's got a great mindset. He's also more than willing to lean on veterans as he makes the jump from college.

"It's really an honor. Like you said, [Jonathan Babineaux] has been in the league for 12 years. He knows everything, the ins and outs, what it takes to be a professional at this level. I really just try to pick all [the veterans'] brains and get as much advice from them as I can. Ya know, 'what did you wish you had known in your rookie year?' I know Worrilow was really big when I first got here. He was here with me and Deion every morning, writing up plays on the board, different formations, going through it all."

These comments are noteworthy for a few reasons. First, this is just quintessential Campbell. That's an odd thing to say when referring to a rookie, but it's true. He's smart, humble, and he says all the right things. That's a reputation he's already earned. Second, it's interesting that he mentioned Babs. Let's be honest, Babs won't be around forever, and it's nice to see him leaving his mark on the young guys. Third, I'm happy to see that Worrilow isn't taking the drafting of Jones and Campbell personally. He's doing what he can to help the team, understanding that he may be relegated to a backup role in the not so distant future.

Your thoughts?